Certain places in Monterey remain a secret for no apparent reason. They have not been explored by a broad set of people, as individuals are yet to discover the hidden beauty that lies within these places. Due to that, we wanted to tell you all about these places to help you understand what you lack in life. Located well within Monterey County, these places are iconic and manage to surprise you with different aspects that revolve around the same. So go ahead and read all about these hidden places.

1. Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History is a place that openly welcomes people from all across the world. By displaying around 400 life mounted exhibits of Monterey’s migratory birds, the museum is an ideal place that you may never come across elsewhere. The kind of interest that it holds in your mind grows beyond curiosity, as it is a thrilling factor for people of all age groups. As a result, the birds of Monterey County need to be viewed and cherished to the right extent.

2. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Birds are not the only creatures that you can feed at Monterey County because the Monterey Bay Aquarium provides ample opportunities for the same. People who visit the place can opt to sign up for alerts and be aware of the moment there’s a feeding or enrichment program. Sharks, octopus, bat rays and many more are present at this place to carry forward your activity. Hence, don’t miss out on this opportunity; instead, go ahead to make good use of the same.

3. Laguna Seca Raceway

The term raceway will give out the right impression of the place, and it’s time for you to get prepared. Twilight bike rides at this particular place is a great experience that can capture every bit of your imagination. Even if you wish to stay away from all the adventure, you can view them as a spectator and be a part of all the action as you catch it live. So ahead and hit the race track for a gut-wrenching experience.

4. Lucia Restaurant & Bar

Lucia Restaurant & Bar

It’s quite hard to find a place like Lucia Restaurant & Bar in Monterey Bay. The different kinds of options that they provide are well on schedule to set your appetite on fire. To make matters all the more interesting, the table area’s walls are covered with notes from celebrities who have managed to dine at the place. Among the list, top names like Julia Child and Leonardo DiCaprio are present. Yes, that’s right. The world-famous American Cook, Julia Child and Oscar Award Winning Hollywood Star, Leonardo DiCaprio dined at Lucia.